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Sept 2021

Matty Doulton - Diploma Level (Above Grade 8)

Hi Leo,

I can’t thank you enough for teaching me over the last 7 years. Without you there is no way I would be taking music and playing the guitar at university. You never put any pressure on me to take exams but when I did you always made sure there was no way I could fail. You made playing music fun and always seemed to know how to get the best out of me as a guitar player. You are the reason that I am in a band and in my mind you are it’s fifth member. You set me up perfectly to be a guitarist in the real world and gave me an insight into how to go about becoming a full time musician. You taught me so much more than just how to play the guitar.

Cheers mate,


December 2020

Devan Seth

Thank you so much for all your dedication, charisma and encouragement for getting Devan to where he is today at Grade 8. He has thoroughly enjoyed all the lessons all those years. We will miss Tuesday nights..Please Keep in touch.  Best wishes Silpa Seth (Devan's Mum)

Thanks for being such a great teacher Leo! Having been taught by Leo for 6 years I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience learning guitar and couldn’t recommend a better person to teach electric guitar.
Thanks for all the great memories Leo.


Dec 2019

Lord Daniel Finkelstein - Times Columnist

Leo you are and have been a magnificent mentor and teacher. I can't tell you how impressed and grateful we are.

October 2018

Matthew Burdett

I can't recommend Leo's tuition enough as he has been a great teacher over these past few months. Two months ago I was only able to play a few simple chords and a few riffs. Now I am able to play along with some of my favourite records confidently, experiment with a wide range of chords, and improvise using the scales Leo has taught me. Throughout this time Leo has been very supportive and patient and I always looked forward to my weekly guitar lesson.

If I didn't have to leave London to go to university I would definitely continue having lessons with Leo. Thank you for being a fantastic teacher!

July 2017

Ken Willis

Dear leo, 

It is now over a year since I last had a lesson with you, and I think you deserve to know that you taught me a whole lot more than you may realise - certainly more than I  realised. I can now solo and improvise a lot better than before; my chords are still too late in shaping, but i can happily solo and play along with records, etc., far better than i would have expected. all this is down to your excellent teaching, and I just wanted to say a great big 'thank you' !

July, 2016

Helen Simons

When Jack came to you for inspiration he was a shy lad and had no real outlet for his own personal flair..... Well, we can now all feel a very different person, and its brilliant! His style and confidence has blossomed and this is no doubt, due to your great teaching and sensitivity towards him, as one of your impressionable young students.


June, 2015

Sam Willis

In six years, Leo has never failed to be patient, enthusiastic, and a brilliant teacher. With Leo’s help I have learned techniques and theory above and beyond that of grade 8. He has always allowed me to learn from the angle best suited to my interests and my way of understanding, whilst still teaching me all that I need to know. I can’t think of any other tutors who have gone the extra miles that Leo does. One of the best things about Leo’s teaching is that I can see, while he is talking, how what he is saying will help me, and why he sets the tasks that he does. He always has something positive to say, and is honestly one of the most genuine people I could have wished for to teach me the guitar.


May, 2015

Joe Herman

I’ve had guitar lessons for around four and half years now and Leo is honestly one of the nicest, most genuine, hard working and determined teachers that I have ever had in my life. I came to my first lesson being able to play nothing more than a few simple chords and now I have been able to achieve my grade 8 with a distinction at the age of 17 all thanks to the great teaching of Leo. Not only is Leo really helpful with the technical side of playing guitar, I found that he really goes one step further in trying to give guidance and advice based on his own experience and you can tell that he genuinely wants to see you do well. Leo’s wealth of knowledge with regards to playing live and information about what equipment would best suit me has been invaluable and has truly helped me enjoy my most loved hobby that is playing in my own band. We play various gigs all around London which is truly my favourite thing to do and it simply would not be possible without Leo’s guidance.  11/10 for Leo marks, a top top fella!!


September, 2014

Liza Hunter

My children Kate and Ben, now 13 and 11 had the utter privilege of being taught by Leo Marks for five years.  In that time, Leo took my daughter on a journey from total novice to accomplished Grade 6 Guitarist.  Kate achieved an outstanding record of six distinctions in her RGT Grades, a level of excellence which we wholly attribute to the imaginative, accessible and creative way in which she was taught by Leo. My son Ben has a diagnosis of ASD (Autism) . When he first came to Leo, his eye contact and communication skills were poor.  Leo took the time and trouble to speak with Ben’s special needs teacher and implemented a specially devised approach that really brought the best out in Ben.  He is now a talented guitarist working towards Grade 5. Whilst Leo is a warm, patient, professional and highly accomplished guitar teacher able to take children through exam processes now viewed as integral to the 11+ / UCAS admissions, I believe his gifts also lie in the verve, enthusiasm and passion he brings to music.   Whilst my children have left with helpful pieces of paper, they have in fact left with so much more;  Leo has instilled in them a sheer love for music;  Music is a key component in their lives.  They listen to music, want to go to gigs and are now beginning to jam with their friends and create songs of their own; It is for this total zest for playing, making and loving music that we whole heartedly thank Leo.


July, 2013

Mason Caldwell
It took three teachers to get there but I knew straight away with you I had finally found a great teacher. I can't believe it's been 9 years (half my life) that you have now taught me for. It seems only yesterday we were starting Grade 1 and now I have just passed my Grade 8! Thank you so much for being not only a fantastic guitar teacher but an inspiration who sparked a passion in me for music. I will forever appreciate your friendship and guidance.

May 4, 2012

Andre Swanepoel

Leo was an excellent choice in guitar tutors when I decided as a mature student to take up guitar lessons. When I started I thought I was going to feel out of place seeing children going for lessons. However, I thought I was going to give it a go. Leo and I developed a fantastic student tutor relationship and learning became fun. As a Psychotherapist, I was impressed by the manner Leo facilitated a calm and nurturing context when at times I became frustrated and anxious because I felt I couldn’t do things. Leo has created a context where I could express myself and helped me to divert this frustration through music. I also observed Leo interacting with children and their parents and always found him very professional.  Leo’s love for music and knowledge created a curiosity within me to know more about music-it reminded me that music is fun and expressive!  I will always, always remember Leo’s kind and supportive nature and I consider him a friend now. Whenever I needed help, not always related to his teaching, such as looking for suitable music to play for a presentation I did, I knew I could ask Leo for help, that’s the sort of guy he is. He was able to look at what I was trying to express through my presentation and thought of suitable music for it. He is a great artist and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn and fall completely in love with the guitar. 


Leo understands that people have different ways of learning and he will always try to create the best possible learning context for his students. However, Leo expected of me to benefit from the lessons and therefore expected of me to work hard preparing for lessons. He wanted me to enjoy the lessons and to see learning as fun. I was also impressed by how he helped creating a feeling of mastering for me. He is indeed a very talented and gifted artist. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and love for music with me Leo.


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